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The Selkie - Chapter 1

Title: The Selkie, Chapter 1

Rating: R

Warnings: Violence, dark themes, implied sexual acts, gore, suicidal thoughts

Word Count: This chapter- 7,035

Summary: In the hills of Erin there is a castle on a high Tor. From the towers you can see the sea, ever changing and beautiful. Here Prince Sirius will begin a journey that will change his life, and his kingdom, forever

Notes: So, this was my story this year for the Remus/Sirius games! Go Team Sirius! I feel like it got a little rushed though, so I am going back and rewriting it as I go, adding all the plot points and characterizations that I didn't have time for before the games deadline. I'm going to try to get a new chapter up every week, barring complications!

This story is set, very loosely, in ancient Ireland (also known as Erin). There are a few terms you should be familiar with when reading this story, and they are:
Tuath: A nation or conglomeration of people. Can refer to an entire kingdom, or just a town.
Tor:A rocky peak or hill, often with a stronghold at the apex
Ard Ri: The high king, ruler of all of Erin
clamproir: Troublemakers. It’s my Celtic version of Marauders 
Tuatha De Danann:The name of the fair folk of Ireland, encompassing most of the fairy creatures, including selkies.
Sidhe:Another name for the Tuatha De Danann
Fuidiri:The Celtic version of slaves. They were often foreigners or people taken in raids from other tribes. They were traditionally treated rather well, and could earn their freedom in various ways.

The SelkieCollapse )
Everyone should read this story! Dark, haunting, and incredibly beautiful! Strong showing from Team Remus this year!
The Wicked Cry Alone - http://rs-games.livejournal.com/137697.html?view=3438305#t3438305

Oct. 5th, 2012

Two more wonderful stories from the Remus/Sirius games!! So far everything submitted has been wonderful, but these two in particular stand out for me.

Opus 53 from Team Sirius
This is a fun, funny, and touching story with an interesting sci-fi twist!


The Mourning by Team Remus
Sweet, a little heartbreaking, and very well written, this story is a must read!
The Remus/Sirius games have started! HUZZAH! Adnd Team Sirius is off to an AMAZING start with Well Weathered Tales by Mystery Author! It is a beautiful, tragic, and still heartwarming tale set in the months before the Department of Mysteries. Trust me, if you want a good cry then this is the fic for you!

Well Weathered Tales

A dark rumour has begun to make its way through the halls of Hogwarts, whispering the name of a new and talented wizard rising to power. At first, it was easy for students to brush it off; nothing more than gossip passing through. But now there are a few 7th year students who claim to be followers of a Dark Master, one who will rise to power and take over the Wizarding community. More importantly, they're looking for new members to recruit, whether you want to be recruited or not.

Kidnappings in the night, brain washing, and battles are just the beginning!

The Recruitment is an AU Marauder-era RPG. It mainly focuses on 6th & 7th year students, as well as recent graduates. Join today to see who will be recruited and become Lord Voldemort's pawns.

Wanted: Bellatrix Black, Amycus Carrow, Rabastan Lestrange, Amelia Bones, Andromeda Black, Evan Rosier, Dorcas Meadowes, DEATH EATERS, HUFFLEPUFFS & RAVENCLAWS

Holds | Premise | Rules | Apply

Those Who Wander

Your user name (will be deleted before posting): Thesiriusmoon
Team: Remus
Title: Those Who Wander
Rating: PG
Warnings: Implied canon character death. Language
Word Count: 2,991
Summary: He would go anywhere, do anything, and give up the world, if it meant getting him back.

Notes: I took Orpheus and Eurydice from a Greek legend. It’s a really beautiful one, so if you haven’t read it before I highly recommend it. I didn’t exactly base this story off of that one, but I did “borrow” a bit of it.

Thank you to everyone who kept me going while writing this, especially Myprettyart and Nathaniel_hp for the wonderful and speedy Beta! You guys rock!

This was my pinch hit for the Remus/Sirius games (go Team Sweatervest!) and was originally posted here

Those Who Wander

It was a long way downCollapse )


Hello lovely flist!
I've started a blog, called Jazz Hands and Spirit Gum. It's going to have a smattering of theater stories, some cute kid stories, the adventures of the Worlds Fattest Ninja Chicken, and so much more!

Come on by!

Jazz Hands and Spirit Gum

31 Stories in 31 Days

I have just started a crazy new project, I am going to be writing 31 origional stories in 31 days! AA! I've started an LJ specific to this project, so zip over and check it out! I'd love to get your feedback!!




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